Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Night to Remember: Utah's 2011 Entertainment & Choice Awards Show @ The Salt Palace - 5/20/2011

Salt Lake City, Utah

By Rachael Alvine and Mateo Coletti

It was the perfect Utah evening with a bright sky and beautiful "stars" out for Utah's 2011 Entertainment & Choice Awards show at the Salt Palace on Friday night.  The highly anticipated event began with a star-studded red carpet "meet and greet" covered by Utah's best in entertainment journalism.

Photos by Mateo Coletti 

The red carpet was a beautiful sight....stars like David Archuleta, Debbie Gibson, Daniel Bernhardt, Miss Utah USA...all seen here as they interview with Utah's entertainment media and photographers.

Photo by Rachael Alvine

On Entertainment, part of Time Warner network, was on the red carpet covering the event.  Hostess Melinda Ann Prince seen here interviewing Utah pro skater, Kevin Fedderson, who was recently signed to the Dew Tour.

Photo by Rachael Alvine

Miss Utah USA, Jamie Crandall, welcomes host for Utah's 2011 ECA's, celebrity actor Daniel Bernhardt, featured in the popular film, The Matrix Reloaded.  Miss Crandall will be representing the state next month at the MISS USA 2011 pageant to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 19th.  Best wishes Jamie!

Photo by Craig Jenkins

Entertainment journalist for THE UNLIMITED, Mateo Coletti speaks with Daniel Bernhardt on his feelings about hosting the first "red carpet" event in Utah.  Feeling honored to be host, Daniel also feels this event will have a positive impact on the entertainment industry in Utah.

Bernhardt thinks Utah is a wonderful place to shoot movies and revealed to us that he has  "...quite a few projects coming up and (he is) trying to focus the producer's attention to the many different landscapes and possibilities Utah has to offer when filming..." he explained.

Photos by Mateo Coletti

Rachael Alvine, hostess for THE UNLIMITED, interviews reality TV "Survivor", Tyson Apostol, Utah celeb and pro cyclist.  Tyson was excited to represent his home state on the red carpet and was curious about "touch phone black glove modifications"....great to meet you Tyson!

Photos by Craig Jenkins

TU Host, Mateo speaks with American Idol (Season 7) star, David Archuleta, about his experience getting his music and voice into the "limelight".  Archuleta says, "It was amazing that the opportunity presented itself the way that it did.  It allowed me to jump into the national music scene in a way I never thought I could."

When asked what might be next in his career he went on to explain that he's about to move to Nashville to start work on a new project that he's really excited about.  Good luck David and thank you for representing Utah's music scene!



Photo by Rachael Alvine

David Archuleta addressing Utah's Latin community "en espanol" while interviewing with hostess Cristina Segovia from Utah Tube! Gracias David!

Photo by Mateo Coletti

Rachael Alvine of THE UNLIMITED catches "Captain Jack Sparrow's" much more rowdy cousin, "White Rock Willie" on the red carpet, who was ready to mingle and have a great time with the crowd!

Photos by Rachael Alvine

Looking gorgeous in gold, Debbie Gibson, celebrity recording artist and actress, graced the red carpet and spent some time speaking with Mateo of The Unlimited.  Debbie was excited for the event and happy to be a special guest of the Osmond family, Utah's most well-known music talents.

On the event, Debbie says "I think this is a great accomplishment for Utah's entertainment industry.  I'm good friends with Donny and Marie and have been noticing the growth in Utah's creative community for quite some time."  Mateo Coletti explains, "Debbie Gibson is such a wonderful person, down-to-earth and gracious to her fans and the media." nice to meet you Miss Gibson....

Photo by Craig Jenkins

Long-time Utah media icon, Dick Nourse, speaks with Rachael of TU about the excitement surrounding this "first" red carpet event in Utah.  As an award-winning journalist, Nourse has observed the media community in Utah for many years and is excited about where the entertainment industry is headed and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead for Utah.

Photos by Craig Jenkins

MISS UTAH USA 2011, Jamie Crandall, glittered on the red carpet and stopped to say hello to The Unlimited, speaking with TU host, Mateo Coletti.  Jamie is excited for the MISS USA pageant next month and was so honored to represent Utah as a special celebrity guest and presenter for the evening.

Photo by Mateo Coletti

Celebrity dancers from hit reality TV show "So You Think You Can Dance", Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello, were excited to be at the Utah awards show, being featured presenters for the evening.

Photo by Rachael Alvine

The JAZZ BEAR kicked off the evening with beauty queens, Miss Park City and Miss Lithuania!

Photo by Mateo Coletti

Lovely red carpet entertainment journalists for the evening (L to R), Cristina Segovia from Utah Tube, Rachael Alvine of The Unlimited and Brenda Upright with Out and About Utah.


Photo by Mateo Coletti

Featured Utah rock musician and one-man-band, Brett Turner performs for the audience....

Photo by Mateo Coletti

Awards show host, Daniel Bernhardt, makes a grand "Matrix-style" entrance and welcomes the audience, nominees and celebrity guests to Utah's first Entertainment & Choice Awards.


Choice in Broadcasting Award
KBER 101 with MICK & ALLEN

Choice in Media Award

Choice in Print Award

Choice in Film Award

Choice in Future Award

Life Time Achievement Award by Donny Osmond



(L to R) Miss Utah USA 2011, Rachael Alvine, Mateo Coletti, Bonnie Clark, Shawn Clinton Irvin, Cristina Segovia

Photo by Mateo Coletti

Shawn Clinton Irvin celebrates PARK CITY TELEVISION's win for the Choice in Media Award, Friday May 20th.

Photo by Craig Jenkins

THE UNLIMITED Entertainment News and Review would like to thank EVERYONE who made this such an extraordinary event and unforgettable night.  Thank you to the Osmond Family, Daniel Bernhardt, David Archuleta, Debbie Gibson, celebrity guests and presenters, Danny Thompson, Shawn and Bonnie, PCTV, Tina and Craig, Mario, Mackenzie, Louis and Carolyn, KSL, 13 Level Productions and the entire Utah entertainment industry!

-Mateo Coletti & Rachael Alvine
Hosts for The Unlimited (TU Entertainment)


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